In the beginning was the end, and the end was the beginning. They were one, yet not the same, for they were the origin and completion of the cycle. In all infinity the loop was finite and yet unlimited in its nature and expansion. For the energy within the cycle neither diminished nor stopped completely. Even in the midst of stillness, there was motion within; invisible but felt, still yet expanding, dissolved yet immersive, silent yet with a still small voice. Deep within that well of stillness a silent consciousness knew itself and was itself and felt itself being itself.

Even without perception or breath, the awareness flowed, vibrated, beckoned, and promised. Sliding light and shifting sands within the cycle of time and grace, flowing without bounds yet within a mortal shell, animating a machine of flesh yet aware of itself as separate from that flesh, somehow beyond. The invisible radiance of the mind slides and glides to and fro, out beyond yet still within, gliding upon magnetic waves of incandescent light invisible to the naked eye, yet felt by the soul within and perceived by the mind within, the naked invisible unseeing but feeling, intuitive and imaginative perception centre within the front of his head.

He sat, and thought, and felt, but did not act. He breathed, but only barely. And within his chest his heart beat, but slowly. Upon the waves of time, his blood pulsed through him. His nerves pulsed with awe, rythm, lightness, and chill; vibrating lightly with awareness yet staying calm and still.

In his mind was liquid light, and in his heart was love everlasting.